Family Medicine and Minor Emergency                         IS PLEASED TO WELCOME DR. JODI BIBBY TO OUR CLINIC 

               NOW TAKING NEW PATIENTS      

Welcome to Kenderdine Medical Clinic. Located in the University Heights Square along Attridge Drive, KMC is a family medicine practice that also provides a walk in clinic for patients who have no family doctor, or are unable to get in to see their family doctor urgently. Currently   Dr. Walton is taking new patients.

Dr. Aimo Berger                           Dr. Hendrina Joubert             Dr. Carla Holinaty
Dr. Agnes Powalinsky                  Dr. Johann Malan                  Dr. Rae Waslak                                                     Dr. Barbara Large                        Dr. Lorne Pilot                        Dr. Lloyd Walton Accepting New Patients
Dr. Marlys Misfeldt                       Dr. Glenn Daguio                   Dr. David Acher  Accepting New Patients


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